Month: May 2022

User Control Panel Update

I have the User Control Panel now working. If you would like access to the control panel let me know. To start off I will make the login and password the exact same as your extensions. After that if you wish to change the password to the control panel you can use the forgot password User Control Panel Update

Todays Downtime

Today the AmateurWire Service experienced a little downtime. First we had a power glitch which made the main server go crazy and forget it had hard drives. Silly server….. Anyways, the problem is fixed now and everything seems to be back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience today while it was down. It took a Todays Downtime

User Control Panel

I am in the process of getting a user control panel working for everyone to use. The UCP will also include a web phone so you can make calls over the PBX right from your browser. You will also be able to manage your voicemails, view call history and more. Check back here for future User Control Panel

Donations Button added

I have added a donations button on the right side of the page. If you would like to donate to help support the project it will be greatly appreciated. Donations are not required. This service will forever be free for our fellow hams. Every cent donated to this project will be put into this project Donations Button added

Quick update for new users

I would like to update everyone on the status of the Hamshack Hotline trunk. At this time no new users will be able to dial across to the Hamshack Hotline. Hamshack Hotline users can still call you but due to some recent events, at least for the time being I will not grant new users Quick update for new users

Coming Changes

AmateurWire is going to be making some changes to our system in the near future. This will ensure that in the future if we integrate with another service that we will have no issues with passing caller ID’s to other systems. It will also add another layer of protection in verifying license status for all Coming Changes

HamShack Hotline Trunk

At this time I am sad to say the Trunk into the Hamshack hotline has been disabled for now. With some recent events on the HamShack hotline that have transpired they had to ban some individuals who then used our system as a work around to circumvent the ban they had in place and thus HamShack Hotline Trunk


I have added a link to our Discord server I just created this morning. Just another way to get in touch with me or anyone else who joins the server. I do also run an IRC Server at or you can visit it through the website at Email

I am offering email accounts. If you would like one you can either email me at or you can register an account here and put in a request using a support ticket. Once it is setup you can access it via a webpage or you can even set up an email client to Email


A phonebook has been added to the site now. The Phonebook is searchable so you can find who you are looking for more easily. Just click the PhoneBook link in the menu.