Month: July 2022

Hams Over IP Trunk

We have now been trunked into the Hams Over IP service. You now have the ability to call any hams that use their service from your AmateurWire extensions. Simply dial 304+Hamsoverip extension. For example my HamsOverIP extension is 100029 so if you wanted to call that extension from your AmateurWire account simply dial 304100029 and Hams Over IP Trunk

Knowledge Base

I have added a knowledge base to the site. It is not quite full of information but I have began putting a little info in there. If anyone would like to help me add information to the knowledge base let me know and I can upgrade your account to allow you to post in the Knowledge Base

Coming Soon….

I am working on a knowledge base for the website. It is currently only visible to administrators as I try to populate it with content. Anyone who would like to assist in its creation can get in touch with me. I would welcome the help. Hopefully I will have something finished and visible soon.

Server maintenance

I am currently aiming for 2pm EST today July 8th 2022 for performing maintenance on the server. Unless anything changes at 2pm EST the server will be shutdown so I can add some hard drives into it and migrate the virtual machines. If anything changes I will post it here and on the discord server.

Server Update

As some of you may know who are in our discord server the main server that the AmateurWire PBX Service runs on is about to have some work done to it. Tomorrow 7/8/2022 for us here in the Eastern US, I will at some point be shutting down the server to add a couple 1TB Server Update