Dialing Other VOIP Services

AmateurWire is one of a few different VOIP services out there for ham radio operators. AmateurWire currently has a trunk to the Hams Over IP service so users of AmateurWire can dial users of Hams Over IP and vice versa. To dial users on the Hams Over IP Service you would dial 304+Hams Over IP extension number. For example my extension number over on Hams Over IP is 100029 so to dial my extension over there from AmateurWire you would dial 304100029 and it will call me. There’s no voice prompts, no IVR’s nothing else to do just dial that way. You can also dial users by calling their DMR ID. So from AmateurWire if you dial 3043141898 it will also call me. To find the extension numbers of the users on Hams Over IP you can go to their phonebook.

Any questions can be asked on our Discord or by emailing me at ke8lcm@amateurwire.org