Setting Up your IP phone for AmateurWire

Setting up your phone for AmateurWire is going to vary based on the brand of phone you are using. Typically having the ability to login to the phone with admin privileges is needed to complete and edit the settings.  Many of the Cisco phones have multiple extensions and you will need to pick which extension the AmateurWire system will be on.

You’re going to want to be logged into your phone as an administrator. Once you have chosen the extension for the AmateurWire extension, click the corresponding tab within the phone interface, this is usually at the top of the page. For example Ext 1 or Ext 2

The main fields you are going to edit are going to be: 

Line Enable = Yes
Sip Port = 5060 for AmateurWire
Proxy =  Provided server name or IP address
Display Name = This will be your caller ID
User ID =  Provided extension number
Password = Provided in email 

Many Cisco phones offer an add-on attendant console, you have numerous options that can be added to the console to provide greater flexibility with accessing other users and features.
To configure the attendant console, make sure your Cisco phone is logged in as Admin and click Advanced at the top right. Then in the list of tabs click Attendant Console (not in the top links this one is down where your extensions are in that menu.) Make sure server type is set to Asterisk. This will enable your phone to interact with the server correctly.

If you need any help setting up your phone beyond this feel free to submit a support ticket on the site and I will do my best to help you.

Edited by N4WFV Craig