AmateurWire is a VOIP Service on the internet for Amateur Radio operators. This service will work with IP phones like Cisco, Yealink, and many more. It will also work with ATA’s (Analog Telephone Adapters) so you can even use your analog cordless phones or any home phone on the service. There’s also the option to use a soft phone application on your PC, MAC or SmartPhone. Applications like Zoiper, Microsip, and Mizudroid work very well with the PBX we are running.

For those of you who are familiar with my service I used to offer a trunk that would allow you to access the Hamshack Hotline. At this time I have restricted access to that as they have informed me they do not wish to have external PBX Servers to have access to their system. I can’t say I agree with this kind of thinking but their system is their system and they can operate it how they choose. At this point in time my system is now a stand alone system until I find other services who would like to enter into a sort of agreement where we can allow users to make contact across the different services. If you own a PBX System and would like to talk about trunking together to allow users to make calls from system to system then please email me at

If you would like any more information or have questions about anything concerning the AmateurWire Service feel free to email me at